Master big data

Turn data into actionable insights, with Revera’s unbreakable storage cloud Vault and analytics platform from Qrious.

Master big data

End-to-end data management and analytics

Store big data and turn it into gold with new data analytics capabilities on the Qrious platform.

Find your competitive advantage

Don't just retain your data - mine it for insights, and capture sensor data. With Qrious you can ask even bigger questions and get all the answers.

Perform advanced data engineering

Qrious provides better access to Apache Hadoop data with familiar and performant tools that address all aspects of modern predictive analytics.

Say goodbye to obstacles

We’ll enable your business to do exploratory data science at scale and deliver machine learning models that can take advantage of massive parallel compute and expanded data streams.

Qrious data platform

See the big picture, without sweating the details.

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Revera Vault

Big data, no problem. Store trillions of objects and petabytes – even exabytes – of data in New Zealand’s unbreakable storage cloud, Vault.

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