Government Cloud

Power up your agency with high-performance computing infrastructure spec'd to DIA's Common Capability ICT Agreement.

Revera's Government Cloud

High performance, safe as houses

Dial in data centre services, virtual servers, storage, managed back-up and recovery, and disaster recovery. And rest easy knowing that Revera’s Homeland data centre network keeps New Zealand’s most demanding organisations fast on their feet.

Eliminate waste

Use more of what you need, and less of what you don’t. Precisely regulate computing resources to seasonal demands, growth (and downsizing), and project workloads.

Keep your options open

Revera's Government Cloud frees you from past technology choices - and keeps you primed for new technology and quick integration.

Make IaaS costs visible

Pinpoint IT consumption costs and allocate them to the departments based on what they actually used.

From in-house IT to IaaS

Environment Canterbury (ECan) lauds Revera's Homeland Government Cloud IaaS for flexibility and robustness; eyes new opportunities to collaborate with other council.

Compute resources on your terms

Get going with Revera-managed or self-service VM options that let you build, park, and share complex multi-VM environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Machines (OVM), SPARC VM, and Database Machine services.

Data centre services from a leading specialist

Protect and deploy your IT assets inside Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud data centres. Government-certified tier 2 and 3 modular Homeland data centres located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch keep options open and your IT assets within easy reach.

Cloud storage for every class of data

Government agencies require multiple storage options to match capacity and performance with changing workloads and applications. Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud Storage spans multi-tier disk and tape environments to support Homeland Government Cloud utility compute services and colocated servers.

Backup your data - and get it back simply and quickly

Revera's backup and restore service is the easy way to prepare for the unexpected. Self-managed backup and restoration services protect and restore your systems data, automatically. Now you can get back to business without missing a beat when your data is corrupted, or you accidentally delete a file.

Store petabytes, pay peanuts

Revera Vault delivers cost-effective object storage for cloud applications, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, and big data. Vault’s object-based cloud storage changes the economics of managing super-sized data volumes.

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Cloud consulting

When you’ve worked with critical infrastructure for as long as we have, surprises are a rare thing. Government agencies call on Revera rocket scientists to guide their transition to IaaS and cloud services, develop business cases and technology roadmaps, and for technical advice and project support.

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Plug in to New Zealand’s intelligent data centre network

Connect to Revera’s Homeland Cloud for granular control of your cloud services and infrastructure. Dial up advanced infrastructure services, switchable data centre locations, and synchronised data and workloads between Revera Homeland data centres.