Connect & collaborate

Productivity tools and workplace apps at workers’ fingertips, everywhere they work.

Connect & collaborate

Productivity apps for the modern workplace

A simpler and more cost effective way to deliver workplace tools and applications. 

Get working, faster

Provide your workers with instant access to the documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device.


We make it easy to manage your productivity apps by eliminating complex maintenance and licensing.

Keep your data safe

Our workplace services come with persistent storage and protocols to compress, encrypt, and encode data.

Revera Cache

Dropbox? Google Drive? No. There’s a better, safer way to access and share workplace files. Revera Cache brings corporate controls to cloud-based sharing and collaboration.

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Revera c-Stack

Write the next chapter on how your workers communicate, collaborate and produce. Create, manage and support workplace productivity services; store, synchronise and share work files; and extend high-performing desktops and apps to every device.

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