Build cloud native

Because every business now is a software business.

Build cloud native

Build apps - not infrastructure

We take care of all the tough stuff so you can build and operate cloud-native applications and services, simply and quickly.

Lower costs

Hardware is expensive to own and maintain. Put your apps in the cloud and forget about feeding and watering hardware. It's easier - and cheaper.

Work faster

Cloud platforms can dramatically reduce development time. Developers love that - and so will your customers.

Reduce risk

Cloud platforms keep multiple copies of data - often in different data centres, reducing the risk of lost data.

Revera Apollo

Launch your apps from the cloud CIOs love. Microsoft Azure-enabled platforms and services, available in-country and across the globe. Get on board with Revera Apollo – it’s cloud your way.

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Revera Vault

Big data, no problem. Store trillions of objects and petabytes – even exabytes – of data in New Zealand’s unbreakable storage cloud, Vault.

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Microsoft Azure

Enjoy the benefits of the Microsoft Azure without the hassle of herding experts. Microsoft Azure from Revera puts you in the driver’s seat. We take care of architecture design, security, and operations, while you get on with building and deploying apps.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS now comes with Revera rocket-scientists. And if control is your thing, Revera’s CloudCreator provides clever tools to self-manage AWS services.

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