Why cloud computing

Everything you need to know to sell cloud computing to your boss.


What is cloud computing?

Every vendor under the sun has had a crack at their own definition of cloud computing. We're not going to bore you with our own. At least not using popular industry terms like ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand, configurable resources and other head-scratchers. But herein lies the rub. Because cloud computing is abstract. You can't see it or touch it. Cloud is a model of computing. An arrangement of things ('resources') from deep inside the data centre and in layers 'further up the stack' - things like servers and apps. But here we go again. Too abstract.

This is the simplest definition of cloud computing you'll find anywhere: Cloud is just someone else's computer. Yes and no. Let's go back to the data centre - the cloud engine room. Not your computers - but ours (or Amazons's or Microsoft's). Our computers - really big ones - tended by Revera rocket scientists - and managed by clever machines and software that take care of all the moving parts, the updates, backups, and the problem solving. It means you don't fret about compute and storage - or even software - because you simply buy units of whatever you need to make your business fast on its feet. There you have it - another definition of cloud computing. 

Infrastructure as a Service

Provision server compute, storage, networks, and other essential computing resources on the fly. Leave the complex infrastructure to the cloud provider, but retain control of operating systems and applications. Think virtual servers, storage, backup, network, and load ballancers. Revera Homeland and Government Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services have got you covered.

Platform as a Service

Deploy applications on a ready-to-go platform offering programming languages, libraries, services, and tools. Stay focused on software code and applications and leave cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and run-time platforms to the provider. Platform services include Database as a Service, web servers, development frameworks, and run-times. Think Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Revera Apollo, and Revera vDaaS.

Software as a Service

Run your applications on a cloud infrastructure platform of your choice and take your business to world. You'll work with simple configuration tools to manage your software. Everything else is in the safe hands of your provider - including the cloud infrastructure, OS, and application. Good exmaples include Skype for Business, email, CRM, and project apps. Think Microsoft O365, Revera c-Stack, Spark ReadyCloud Collaboration, Xero, and SalesForce.


Why cloud computing?

Remember bookstores? CD retailers? Kodak? All gone. They couldn't keep up with change. In the modern age of digital, it's the quick and the dead. And that's the central benefit of running your business in cloud. To get fast on your feet. To change and adapt. To focus on what really matters – your apps. Infrastructure and platforms don’t win customers. Leave the heavy lifting to a cloud expert.

Cloud services deliver what’s required, without the headaches of managing complex delivery. Keeping up with changing technology is not your job.

Don’t let infrastructure provision slow you down. Plug in to standardised on-demand bundles of compute that scale almost to infinity. Everything you need is ready when you are.

Remove people from the equation. Subscription cloud services by nature sync with business demands. The only agenda is getting what you pay for.

Don’t hang on too long – technology keeps changing, and quickly. Cloud’s one-to-many model takes care of upgrades, standardisation, testing and validation, providing ‘evergreen’ services that keep your options open.

It sounds simple, but it isn't - at least not as simple as the cloud hype suggests.

Cloud technology is harder than it looks.

There’s no one size fits all cloud platform, application, or service. And then there are constraints that have nothing to do with technology. Things like commercial agreements, investment cycles, planned replacement projects, internal cost allocation, licensing of third party software, and other issues complicate cloud adoption.

Revera cloud services deliver all the options and control, putting you in the driver’s seat to command everything in the cloud and get faster on your feet.


How do I get there?

Cloud consulting and on-boarding

Cloud services are our sweet spot. But we’re big enough to know that cloud is just an enabler, and the final shape of your operating model is determined by your business and its customers. Let's work together to understand your business goals and map them to the right cloud service model.

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