Revera v-DaaS

High-performing desktops and apps for every device.

Master the future of desktops with Revera v-DaaS.

Revera v-DaaS

The desktop experience workers expect.

Revera v-DaaS delivers the platform and controls to master the future of desktops.

 The desktop experience workers expect.
Revera v-DaaS


Provide your workers access to documents, applications, and resources they need from any supported device.

cloud_download Easy as

Revera v-DaaS is the easy way to deliver secure cloud-based virtual desktops to your workers. Forget about procuring, deploying, and managing infrastructure and licenses, v-DaaS takes care of the lot, with one simply packaged service.

phonelink_setup Configure and go

Choosing your preferred bundle of infrastructure and software is simple. And once you've provisioned your virtual desktops, users are up and running the minute they've downloaded their v-DaaS client applications. Revera v-DaaS runs on almost any device - and apps persistent, so users can switch between devices without losing their work.

import_contacts Integrate on-premises Active Directory

Revera v-DaaS integrates with on-premises Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to log in with their existing credentials. What's more, policies ensure administrators can use existing tools to deploy additional apps and services, and manage multi-factor authentication.

lock Safe as houses

Revera v-DaaS data lives in Revera's Homeland Cloud - not on end-user devices. All data in transit and at rest, including snapshots, is encrypted.