Homeland Cloud IaaS

Power up your enterprise with Revera's high-performance computing infrastructure.

Homeland Cloud IaaS

Use more of what you need, and less of what you don’t.

Synchronise computing resources with seasonal demands, growth, downsizing, and special projects.


directions_run Get faster on your feet

Focus on where real business value is rather than IT feeding and watering.

monetization_on Stay on budget

Make IaaS costs visible and allocate them to departments based on what they actually use, and understand IT cost consequences of business decisions.

alarm Be the disruptor others warned you about

Build architectures that expand, adapt, and shrink with your ideas and go-to-market activity.

highlight Keep your options open

Revera’s Homeland Cloud IaaS platform frees you from past technology choices and keeps your future options open.

Compute resources on your terms

Plug in to full-featured on-demand enterprise compute environments. Let Revera provision what you need, or use Revera’s CloudCreator to build, park, and share complex multi-VM environments. Start small, and scale up when the time’s right. It’s never been easier, or safer, to configure and activate your own VM environment.

Data centre services – more options, better protection

Protect and deploy your IT assets inside Revera’s strategically positioned nationwide fleet of tier 2 and 3 Homeland data centres. Spanning the North and South Islands, Revera's Homeland data centre network mitigates risks posed by New Zealand’s active natural hazards. Choose from simple server housing and rack space options, monitoring, colocation, and utility management services. Take a longer term view and target progressive systems consolidation, hybrid cloud deployment, virtualisation, and cost savings. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Storage as a service – enterprise SAN and NAS on demand

Business data keeps growing. But that shouldn't make the job of managing it bigger. Leave the heavy lifting to Revera. Choose from multiple tiers of storage delivered by redundant, director-class fibre channels and network connectivity. Pay only for the storage you use. Add or surrender capacity as you go.

Backup as a Service

We make getting your data back as simple as backing it up. Get back to business quickly when data is corrupted or accidentally deleted. Revera’s automated backup and restoration services protect and restore your systems data. Choose from a range of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) or Recovery Time Objective (RTO) options.

Plug in to New Zealand’s high-performing inter-data centre network

Connect to Revera’s Homeland Cloud for granular control of your computing infrastructure and services. Revera’s next-generation intelligent data centre network is based on Cisco MPLS networking. Plug in to advanced infrastructure services and synchronise data and workloads between Revera Homeland data centres.

Silver-lining DR

Disasters disrupt business, but they needn’t disrupt business IT. Silver-lining DR is a whole new way to reactivate systems when disaster strikes. Activate servers and applications at an alternative Revera Homeland data centre. Get back to business.

Revera cloud consulting

There aren’t too many challenges we haven’t faced. When you’ve worked with critical infrastructure for as long as we have, surprises are a rare thing. We’ve seen the problems, tested the technology, and corralled the wise heads and technologists to make good decisions and projects fly. Clients call on Revera cloud consulting to guide their transition to IaaS and cloud services, develop business cases and technology roadmaps, and for technical advice and project support.