Manage mountains of unstructured data the easy way – in one system

Manage mountains of unstructured data the easy way – in one system


Make manual storage provisioning history.

Forget about traditional storage systems, such as NAS. With Cascade, your data is available on demand, anytime, anywhere.

Make manual storage provisioning history.


Store, archive, and access unstructured data for fluid movement across private and public cloud infrastructure

transform Manage data growth efficiently

Rebuild large data sets quickly; optimise storage with automated compression; and eliminate backups with integrity checks, replication and erasure coding.

phonelink_setup Streamline business and compliance tasks

Move content to approved storage platforms and tiers automatically; reduce costs by shrinking backup and recovery times; manage data retention and legal hold and data disposition; preserve immutable, undeletable WORM storage for guaranteed authenticity or proving chain of custody.

cloud_download Future-proof your storage

Manage application and user data with a single, multitenant solution; deliver data sharing anytime, anywhere, on any device; access multiple public cloud services; manage data in the cloud with REST, S3, or Swift technologies, including Revera Vault, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage.

lock Stay protected – always

Cascade keeps your data safe and available, offering 99.999999999% data durability and 99.99% data availability.

Multiprotocol and heterogeneous access

Support legacy applications using NFS, CIFS, SMTP or WebDAV protocols – as well as modern applications using S3, Swift or REST APIs.

Multitenancy for application isolation

With thin provisioning and capacity quotas, divide your storage resources into thousands of independent tenant and namespace areas, each with independent administration and assigned users.

Develop service plans

Define cradle-to-grave data management plans that govern an object’s protection class, access speed and disposition policies.

Compliance storage modes

Satisfy regulatory requirements requiring immutable, undeletable ‘write once, read many’ (WORM) storage, guaranteed authenticity, or proof of chain of custody.

Extensible metadata and search

Create and modify custom metadata at any time during an object’s life cycle. Use the API or search console to locate objects for application and analytical use, or to automatically apply legal holds.

Data protection and security

Protect your data with erasure coding, redundant copy control, AES256 Encryption, 2048-bit SSH service keys, SSL and certificates.