Switching on to IaaS

Gearing up for global growth, AsureQuality wanted IT to function as a true enabler. Revera Homeland Government Cloud IaaS did the job.

Why insourced IT no longer worked for AsureQuality.

There are few good reasons to manage so-called commodity infrastructure when specialist providers do the job better and more transparently. And while these factors drove AsureQuality to look closer at IaaS, it was the opportunity infrastructure services provided to re-focus on higher-value business initiatives that clinched the deal. 

AsureQuality tendered for an IaaS offering to replace in-sourced IT. The NZ government-owned food safety services company’s Christchurch data centre was starting to creak and its server platform and two SANs were at the end of their lives.

The company was growing quickly and believed as-a-service IT would scale easily, provide better cost control, and ensure IT kept pace with its business. After reviewing both government and non-government IaaS offerings, AsureQuality selected Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud IaaS – a move that would ultimately unite infrastructure services with the company’s network (provided by Revera sibling Spark Digital) and pave the way for end-to-end service management.

AsureQuality's IaaS experience

Better focus: Released from day-to-day management of commodity infrastructure, AsureQuality has turned attention to higher-value business services. Accordingly, the makeup of its IT team has changed from infrastructure specialists to business and service delivery analysts and project managers.

Faster: Everything happens faster now. AsureQuality CIO Darren Wilson says infrastructure works at the speed of business. Standing up new environments and adding users is quick and easy.

More flexible: When things get busy, AsureQuality buys more capacity. When demand cools, capacity is pegged back. There’s no waste or idle capacity. And when it makes better sense to locate workloads closer to international offices, Revera’s control panel connects to public cloud platforms.

Transparent costs: Buying price-tagged infrastructure services from a government catalogue makes costs visible and easier to manage. There are no hidden costs – AsureQuality knows the price of everything, and which departments should pay for what.

Reassurance: DIA manages the master government IaaS contract, including SLAs and predefined escalation paths. DIA and Revera also work together to ensure catalogue offerings remain current. And audits confirm that Revera complies with cloud infrastructure security and performance standards.

“We like the service consumption model and transparent pricing. It’s much more flexible and geared to move up and down with business demand. IT is moving at the speed of business now.” – AsureQuality CIO, Darren Wilson


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“IT is moving at the speed of business now.”

– AsureQuality CIO, Darren Wilson