Radar by CloudCreator smooths AWS experience for ArcGIS platform provider

Firstname floats GIS service on AWS cloud. Radar by CloudCreator keeps everything running smoothly

"With Radar, I don’t have to think about a thing." – Stephen Usmar, managing consultant, Firstname 

Giant of the cloud have put a world of computing choice and performance at our fingertips – and businesses are jumping in to fast-track their technology transformation. But they’ve still got to keep expert hands on the wheel.

Some businesses have the engineering wizardry to manage everything in the cloud themselves, others leave it to experts. That’s where Radar comes in.

One of New Zealand’s biggest technology brands relies on Firstname’s ArcGIS platform to connect its mobile sales force with customers. It is geo-located sales in real-time.

Acutely aware that its reputation rises on the performance of AWS cloud platforms underpinning its services, Firstname whistled up Radar to keep expert eyes on everything.

Switching on to Radar

The Auckland-based GIS specialist’s AWS platform was managed by another provider. While they did an adequate job, Firstname required more comprehensive monitoring to manage everything from AWS to the operating system, and expert advice to map its future in the cloud.

Stephen Usmar, managing consultant at Firstname, was sold when he saw how Radar automated monitoring and its engineers could optimise AWS services to keep Firstname’s ArcGIS platform running at the speed of its client’s business.

All eyes on AWS

“We switched our live AWS systems to Radar,” said Usmar. “That was really impressive. Everything cut over smoothly”.

During transition, Radar engineers also right-sized Firstname’s EC2 resources and deployed a Microsoft Desktop Services environment for secure remote access.

Radar manages the following AWS services for Firstname:  

  • Amazon VPC and EC2
  • Amazon Route 53
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon SNS
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Amazon S3

Radar at work

Firstname relies on Radar for support, billing, and ongoing management of AWS services. Radar’s engine-room includes highly-automated monitoring systems, experts providing proactive support, and ongoing consultancy services to ensure Firstname gets the best from its AWS capability.

Radar manages the following tasks for Firstname:

  • 24/7 OS level monitoring and support, including CloudWatch security, patching, and backups
  • AWS services optimisation
  • Reports covering service performance and recommended activity to address looming capacity bottlenecks, service degradation, and security issues
  • Road-mapping future services
  • Billing individual AWS services

“The best thing about Radar is 24/7 support. I always get a swift response to out-of-hours requests,” said Usmar. “I don’t have to think about a thing – Radar takes care of everything behind the scenes.”

Learn more about Radar by CloudCreator

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