New world beckons in hybrid cloud

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council switches to hybrid cloud for agile future

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s (HBRC) journey to the cloud starts like most others.

Aging hardware undermined systems performance, sometimes even taking systems offline. And even though new hardware is known to improve systems performance, eventually the same old problems arise.

So the council sized up a new delivery model for IT, envisioning a web-connected ecosystem primed for the quick-fire addition of new applications, shared services initiatives, and mobile-ready workplace tools.

The vision led them to Revera’s Homeland Cloud, which today runs and delivers the lion’s share of HBRC’s production systems, including rating, financial, document management systems, and databases.

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“Our operations guys have become cloud architects – the days of traditional systems engineering are largely over.”

Kahl Olsen, ICT manager, HBRC