Jet IT lands on AWS cloud

CCL-Revera pilots Jet IT from in-country cloud to AWS

“Revera recommended AWS – certainly the price is sharper and everything is more scalable,” – Edward Griffiths, managing director, Jet IT

In-country clouds continue to do great work, but global providers, like AWS, offer hard-to-beat prices and scalability that justifies their place in the pantheon of technology greats.

Having migrated its bespoke business systems from an in-country cloud to AWS, Jet IT managing director Edward Griffiths can speak to the pros and cons of both cloud formats.

Satisfied with the local hosting environment that for years had delivered his company’s cloud-based ERP services, Griffiths knew the world of cloud itself had undergone a transformation, resulting in the spectacular ascension of global cloud providers. He was all ears when CCL-Revera suggested switching to AWS.

More than just price and scalability

While it’s hard not to talk about price and scalability when evaluating cloud providers, these factors alone don’t always clinch the deal. Jet IT was banking on AWS and partner CCL-Revera to deliver fault-free performance to keep its cloud services ticking over perfectly to support 24/7 client activity. Griffiths demanded unbreakable security to safeguard confidential data, and tiered accessibility to applications, providing clients, as well as their customers and partners, with easy access to a range of online portals and services powered by JetStream.

Safe pair of hands

CCL-Revera spearheaded the migration, first drawing up a roadmap to take Jet IT’s systems from their current state to the AWS cloud. Engineers built cloud architectures for applications and then migrated workloads and users to the newly-built AWS cloud environment. CCL-Revera’s service desk provides support 24/7. 

AWS services powering Jet IT: 

  • EC2
  • S3
  • CloudWatch
  • Lambda
  • SES   

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