Infrastructure shakeup

Stats NZ finds silver-lining in Kaikoura earthquake; fast-tracks IaaS transformation, with Revera.

Chris Buxton, Chief Digital Officer at Stats NZ, is on a mission to make his organisation faster on its feet. More speed means shorter data processing times and earlier release of survey information.

But the vision requires agile infrastructure to make data more accessible and deliver the analytics capabilities modern customers demand.

“People don’t want to wait six months for the results of our surveys – they want data in a matter of days. That’s the real world now – and we must operate in the same way,” said Buxton.

In 2013 Stats NZ took its first step to a new digital model, signing on Revera’s cross-government IaaS Homeland service platform to deliver the March 2013 Census. The move allowed Stats NZ to scale its systems and capacity to manage what is one of the country’s largest and most sensitive surveys. Improved flexibility has also paved the way for new digital services offering quick and easy access to information.  

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“Iaas means we invest small to build capacity and scale it up really fast, when we need it.”

Chris Buxton, Chief Digital Officer at Stats NZ