Dropbox? Google Drive? No.

There’s a better, safer way to store and share workplace files. It’s called Cache, and it brings corporate controls to cloud-based sharing and collaboration. Just ask NZ Oil Services (NZOSL).

Enlightened IT managers give more control to their users – without risking the security of their IT network. With Revera Cache, NZOSL Business Support Analyst Justin Grobler ticks both boxes.

NZOSL employees were happy to manage their files on the company file server. But things got tricky when they needed offsite access to files, when contractors required work files, and when directors and shareholders wanted quick access to company reports and documents. USB drives bred like rabbits, email creaked under the weight of file attachments, and documents pooled on laptops. NZOSL figured there was a better way to share files, without introducing a complex document management system.

NZOSL’s Justin Grobler liked the sound of a New Zealand-based cloud solution. Mostly, however, he wanted a solution that allowed users to create file shares, invite guests (including contractors and other people outside the company’s network), and something that synchronised with the company file server.  The need for user control shone brightest. As the company’s sole IT person, Grobler didn’t want clunky sign-in procedures or to put himself between users and remote file access.

Grobler said he set out to fix one problem, but fixed several.

How NZOSL uses Revera Cache:


As a corporate ‘drop-box’ for company directors and shareholders to access and share sensitive documents. Similarly, the company’s health & safety committee shares files with subcommittee members, ending a flood of e-mails.

Cache also functions as the company’s ‘drawings transfer centre’, providing engineers and contractors with singleclick access to updated drawings. Replacing an old legacy system, Cache is now the home of NZOSL’s ‘engineering document download centre’ – a virtual destination where contractors and external parties regularly access updated site documentation (policies, contracts and project safety documents). Similarly, Cache houses configuration files for 10 fuel terminals, providing workers with instant access to the latest version of technical and configuration documentation.

NZOSL's Cache experience


File access, from everywhere: When NZOSL workers are out and about they’ve still got critical files at their fingertips. A web browser and internet connection is all they need to open, view, email and share files.

Always in sync: Cache is a business-grade sync solution, so NZOSL’s people always work with current file versions. There’s no confusion, because what they see in Cache is synchronised with the company file server.

Secure file sharing: Everyone can manage file sharing and do it securely. There’s no need for an administrator to get involved. NZOSL staff create their own Cache accounts and invite the people they want to share files with. They can specify download limits, file expiration time limits, and receive files amended by recipients – storing amended files or automatically replacing previous file versions.

All seeing: Cache tracks all user activity, including file adds, deletes and changes. And when NZOSL users want to retrieve old files, they’re able to restore deleted files and previous versions, instantly.

“The beauty of Cache is the simplicity and ease of access it offers both to internal users and external parties, who never before had the ability retrieve documents on demand and be connected to NZOSL while being totally separate from the network.” – Justin Grobler, NZOSL Services

“The beauty of Cache is the simplicity and ease of access it offers both to internal users and external parties.”

– Justin Grobler, NZOSL Services