Desktops on every device

Revera v-DaaS delivers work-from-anywhere reality to Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO).

When Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) first evaluated virtual desktop services, they weren’t wholly convinced. Everything changed when they cut over to Revera v-DaaS.

Early success with government cloud IaaS encouraged PCO to look for improvements higher up the ICT stack. So when virtual desktops were included in the all-of-Government (AoG) services catalogue, PCO considered making the move. They knew cloud delivery forever changed the economics of desktops. But the documented performance pitfalls of virtual desktops still loomed large in their thinking. However, in drawing infrastructure services from Revera’s Homeland Government Cloud, PCO figured they were in safe hands. 

With Revera v-DaaS, they’ve never looked back. Now, PCO employees take their desktops with them, wherever they work - the office, Parliament, on an iPad or a PC - and the desktop experience is slick and consistent.

PCO's virtual desktop experience

Top-notch performance: PCO describes virtual desktop performance as “very fast”. New desktops are deployed as they’re required, and a secure portal delivers simple tools to manage virtual desktop specs.

Access from anywhere: PCO employees access their complete desktop, from anywhere, on any device. Twofactor authentication assures secure internet access, and a free viewing app provides users with on-the-go access to their desktops.

No more niggles: Terminal services work, but there are always niggles. On some occasions applications failed to launch. Icons vanished and software licences weren’t recognised. With Revera v-DaaS, those niggles are history. Documents open in the same place, shortcuts are still there and Word always works. The desktop experience is consistent, always. Consequently, PCO support calls have plummeted.

Easy admin: The beauty of virtual desktops is their one-to-many management model. Administrator tools automate patching, desktop activation and upgrades, and tailor desktop specs to individual users. PCO’s blended fleet of virtual and physical desktops are managed as one. 

Robust protection: PCO’s desktop environment has never been better protected. Revera v-Daas maintains PCO’s virtual desktop environment in two geographically remote Homeland data centre. In the unlikely event of a regional disaster or failed network link, an internet facing URL provides an alternative pathway to user desktops. There’s no need to maintain redundant high-grade WAN links.

DIA seal of approval: DIA manages the master virtual desktop services contract, including SLAs and predefined escalation paths. What’s more, RFPs are no longer required, making PCO’s life even easier. And audits confirm that Revera complies with security and performance standards.

“New productivity is something to behold. Imagine accessing your desktop from anywhere … on your Surface Pro, or firing up a PC with four monitors to do some serious work, or on a laptop via a 3G connection. You’ve always got access and it always works well.” – CIO, Parliamentary Counsel Office

“You’ve always got access and it always works well.”

– CIO, Parliamentary Counsel Office