Taking VMware workloads to the cloud without leaving the ground

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) helps organisations bridge the divide between existing datacentre VMware workloads and the public cloud

With increasing options in both private and public clouds, customers expect to do new things without sacrificing their investment in favoured technology ecosystems.

This mindset is behind VMware’s introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC).

VMC is a hybrid cloud service that combines technology and services from VMware and Amazon Web Services to help organisations bridge the divide between their existing datacentre VMware workloads and the public cloud.

The great thing about VMC is the opportunity for customers to build a VMware Software Defined Datacentre (SDDC) on AWS with the same products used in their existing onshore VMware environment, such as vSphere ESXi, vSAN and NSX.

Working on a common underlying VMware product platform means clients have feet in both private and public cloud camps, without having to invest in new tools and training. VMware training, support, processes, and tooling works for all VMware workloads.

Capacity planning is easier, too, with VMC paving the way to more elastic scale that enables organisations to rapidly provision and terminate underlying capacity as demands change.

Knowing that running and supporting cloud environments is hard, time-consuming work for support teams, VMC is delivered as a managed service, with VMware managing the VMC infrastructure. That means customers spend less time feeding and watering the underlying platform. VMware also takes care of patching, updates, and remediation related to hardware issues.

Customers face another challenge when moving to a hybrid cloud world: the ability to consume public cloud services from their private cloud infrastructure. With VMC infrastructure housed in the same datacentres as AWS infrastructure, customers can begin consuming AWS cloud services, while continuing to run their traditional VMware workloads “side-by-side” in their VMware cloud environment.

The configuration delivers a swag of benefits, including access to complementary AWS services, such as Amazon S3 as a backup destination, Infrequent Access, and Glacier storage tiers. Other benefits include low latency and extremely fast network interconnection between VMC and AWS environments, and more opportunities to finetune network traffic costs between VMC and AWS environments associated with a VMC subscription.

Customers can also leverage public-facing AWS cloud services, while maintaining private core business services hosted within their VMC back-end environment. For example, an existing core business application hosted in a back-end VMC environment will couple with AWS CloudFront and an AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) to provide a presentation layer to application end users.

In this configuration, an organisation is able to leverage built-in AWS automation to scale up and down to meet incoming network workloads. Imagine doing that in a pre-cloud world …. new hardware, licenses, configuration, management – you get the picture.

Getting the best from the cloud doesn’t mean throwing out the baby with the bath water. VMC ensures you get the best of both worlds, by connecting your existing onshore VMware environment with all the options and power of AWS.

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date_range 04 June 2019