Revera adds VMware Cloud on AWS to hybrid cloud ecosystem

Door opens for clients to bridge in-country VMs with vSphere-based hybrid cloud environments on AWS

Revera clients have another route to the public cloud on the back of a new partnership with VMware.

Further extending the coverage of Revera’s hybrid cloud ecosystem, the addition of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a low risk pathway for clients to integrate VM-based workloads running in Revera’s Homeland Cloud with new public cloud functions in AWS.

More than that, Revera and AWS located VMware Cloud platforms function almost identically, making the job of switching between environments quick and painless.

Revera head of innovation Keith Archibald said the partnership presented a big opportunity for businesses looking to develop next-generation applications.

"Clients are hugely invested in existing applications,” he said. “So the opportunity to bridge existing applications with public cloud tools and to bolt-on cloud-ready services is hugely appealing. And to do all that without sweating technicalities or taking risks is a massive win.”

Revera’s multi-cloud management interface CloudCreator puts a window to VMs and storage in play across both platforms, as well as helping clients manage user access and identity.

Archibald said the tightly sync’d platforms ensured clients could extend their existing skills and investment in VMware toolsets to run workloads in the VMC on AWS cloud, where they could access cloud-native functions, including AWS Elastic Load Balancing or Aurora. 

“Many clients have made a significant investment in their existing applications, but also want the opportunity to innovate and engage customer via mobile apps. Now we can help them to do it in a way that is familiar and cost effective,” said Archibald.

date_range 03 September 2018