Revera adds second direct route to global clouds

Megaport PoP offers Wellington launch-pad for elastic connectivity to global clouds

Revera’s ART Homeland data centre in Trentham is delivering the cloud provider’s second New Zealand access point for Megaport, providing Wellington-based businesses and government organisations with the city’s first Megaport connection to elastic carrier-grade bandwidth to global clouds.

Now with Megaport points of presence in both Auckland and Wellington, Revera is bridging the distance between New Zealand and the Australian hosting locations of global cloud partner clouds, including Microsoft, AWS, and Google.

“Megaport is a key addition to the continued buildout of Revera’s Homeland Cloud network, introducing faster, lower latency connectivity to our global hyperspace partners,” said Keith Archibald, Revera’s head of innovation.

Revera has branded the connectivity service offering as Homeland Bridge, specifically promoting elastic network connectivity that scales bandwidth in real-time from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Part of Revera’s wider play to help clients streamline hybrid cloud environments, the new service is also available to users of Revera’s cloud management dashboard, CloudCreator.

The new feature ensures customers can regulate their own bandwidth alongside compute and storage across hybrid cloud deployments.

“The market for cloud services is intensively competitive. Megaport’s software defined networking makes bandwidth regulation an autonomic response, effectively completing cloud’s Holy Trinity of choice, control, and now, true network elasticity,” said Archibald.

Archibald said more than simply reducing network costs and increasing bandwidth throughput, Homeland Bridge also addressed privacy requirements by allowing clients to operate private connections between local and global clouds.

“We’re committed to delivering the best choices in the cloud, with smarter connectivity and tools paving the way to simpler hybrid cloud deployments,” said Archibald.

He said Homeland Bridge also connected clients to Megaport's New Zealand-Australia Elastic Interconnection Network, including the provider’s Internet Exchange services (Mega-IX) and over 270 service providers globally.

Josh Munro, Megaport’s APAC executive vice president, said Revera was an excellent addition to the company’s global footprint.

“We’re excited to partner with Revera to take elastic connectivity to Wellington. Megaport’s software defined network complements Revera’s IaaS services, bringing enterprise customers a truly comprehensive solution,” said Munro.

date_range 01 November 2017