Product update: Azure Stack by CloudCreator

Revera bolsters Azure Stack with PaaS, DBaaS, and Server-less compute offerings

Clients looking for ready-to-go platform and database services from the cloud now have options closer to home.

App Service, SQL DBaaS, and Functions are the latest additions to Revera’s Microsoft hybrid cloud platform, Azure Stack by CloudCreator.

Fast shaping as the go-to New Zealand-based cloud for businesses sizing up cloud-native applications, Azure Stack by CloudCreator introduced native in-country backup for Azure VMs in June, building on foundation IaaS services, including VMs, Storage, Software Defined Networking, and Key Vault launched in December 2017.

App Service

Create and host your applications effortlessly, without the hassle of installing operating systems and configuring web-hosting software.

Delivered as a single integrated service, App Service allows clients to compose components, such as websites and RESTful APIs, in a single solution.


Run code on demand in response to a variety of events. Functions delivers ‘serverless’ compute resources as your code needs them, releasing developers from infrastructure management.

SQL Database

Stand up a Microsoft SQL 2016 ‘always on’ database in minutes. Forget about managing virtual machines or SQL Server – simply provision a database in the Stack tenant portal, accessed through Revera’s multi-cloud management suite, CloudCreator.

 For pricing or a quick demo, contact your business development manager or email the team at 

date_range 13 February 2019