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Our success is built on 15 years of managing critical data and systems for New Zealand’s most important organisations.


Revera's rock story

Revera rocks symbolise truth. Every Revera employee ('Rockers') and our customers own a Revera rock. The story behind Revera rocks was first told by an associate of Revera co-founder Roger Cockayne.

The beginning

A surf lifesaver in Sydney, Cockayne’s associate and other surf club members used to gather on a particular rock in the bay situated behind the surf break. It was the easiest place from which bathers and stranded swimmers could be rescued. The rock held special significance, both for its convenience as a patrol spot and as a place where lifesavers could only speak the truth.

The Rock

Outrageous claims about drinking and parties were tested for truth. Lies could not be told - only truth. Anyone who was found out telling a lie was banished from the rock. Every surf lifesaver respected the rock and what it stood for, and so it became legend.

Our culture

Revera’s founders borrowed the story of the surf lifesavers and their sacred rock to objectify the principle of truth - the cornerstone of Revera's culture (In fact, we even captured the idea in our company name. Revera comes from a Latin term for ‘in truth’). Revera rocks possess the same powers as the surf lifesaving rock. They represent truth, honesty, and the voice from the heart.

Revera customers

Our customers understand and value Revera’s rock culture and our respect for truth. When so much IT is virtual and packaged in abstract formats, like cloud services, you've got to trust providers to be there and tell it to you straight. The buck stops with people. Revera’s rockers always front up. They’re there when you need them and give you the real story – not just what they think you want to hear.